NEW Energy Star Zephyr Ventilation Hoods

Less Energy. More Savings.

Zephyr has introduced three new Energy Star Zephyr ventilation hoods this summer!

Siena Energy Star Wall

Zephyr Siena Wall Energy Star

This powerful hood with a 400 CFM blower and ACT technology has features perfect for any kitchen. It runs on energy-efficient fluorescent lights that can be simply turned on with the new ICON Touch Controls. Extension duct cover is optional.

Vortex Energy Star One Piece Liner

Zephyr Vortex Energy Star Liner

The Vortex ES one-piece liner is the only ventilation hood in the industry that has adjustable-depth installation. It is designed to extend up to 3 inches forward so it can be installed in spaces up to 20-1/2 inches deep.

Twister Energy Star Power Pack

Zephyr Twister Energy Star Power Pack

The Twister ES power pack is a cost efficient, 290 CFM ventilation hood with a 3-speed option. It can be installed in your custom, built-in canopy with an optional stainless steel liner which can protect your cabinetry.


To locate your closest Zephyr retailer, click here.

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