Bertazzoni Kitchen Design Contest 2016

Winners Announced!

Monde Home Products would like to say THANK YOU to everyone for their participation and the hard work put into their Bertazzoni kitchen designs! The time it took for the results to come out lasted longer than expected because the number of submissions this year compared to last year MORE THAN DOUBLED! The winners this year were chosen from a panel of judges and the top 3 winners are:

As custom home builders in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, we at Royalty Construction value the importance on quality homes. Not only making quality our priority, but extraordinary designs.This kitchen was designed to have that New York feel having the industrial feel of the city alongwith the historic feel of warm woods. The quality of Bertazzoni’s appliances accent the details ofthis kitchen, and we were proud to have them integrated into this classic urban kitchen. We aim to have a functional kitchen that is easy to use for entertaining and cooking, and we feel that this would be optimal for both. Our intention is that this kitchen will bring family together, as is Bertazzoni’s aim as a family owned and centered company.

Anna & Sergei Scurfield– Varsity

It is all about colour. When designer Anna Scurfield and her husband Sergei Scurfield decided to renovate their own home they started at the Denca Showroom. When they saw the Red Bertazzoni range, all the design details began to fall into place. Anna was already inspired to do a grey palette for her home. However, grey is so tricky when done wrong it can be clinical or boring.

The powerful pro range was what she was looking for in performance and red gave the drama and excitement needed to balance the quiet shades in grey. We picked up that red by simply having the large lift cabinets above have a matching Red finished interior. With the circular peek a boo windows it was just enough to accentuate the red without throwing it everywhere.

The backsplash is made from travel photos in black and white. The urban scenes were laminated onto a tempered clear glass, for fire protection. The detail of the images again concentrates attention to the range wall as all other shapes in the room are pure geometry.

The dark waterfall countertops wrap the cabinets just like the dark floor to ceiling gables frame the tall pantry units. The simplest of shapes – with one giant punch of colour balances and warms the design.

The kitchen is a showstopper. The bravery to be bold was inspired from the beautiful lines and design of the Italian range.

Thanks Lisa

Lisa Notacker Wells

I do not always come up with a background story on my kitchens. I aim for feel more so then

words. Joining two feels is something i enjoy doing. This kitchen i aspired to apply a modern feel
with timeless details. The custom white Bertazzoni range helped me attain this by blending the
contemporary look with soft detailing. To tie in the range with the rest of the kitchen i used a
custom high polished stainless steal edging adding depth to the white kitchen. This kitchen pairs
well with a glass of wine.

Once again, thank you everyone for your submissions this year. Please stay tuned for the next contest to begin soon!


Bertazzoni Kitchen Design Contest 2016

January 1, 2016 – March 31, 2017

The Monde Home Products Bertazzoni Kitchen Design Contest will be accepting new entries from January 1, 2016 to March 31, 2017! Kitchen construction must have been completed between January 1, 2014 to December 31, 2016. This is your opportunity to showcase your best Bertazzoni kitchen designs for a chance to win a Getaway Trip for Two to Italy! 

This is a REGIONAL contest only open to within the Monde Home Products US and Canadian territories. Professional pictures are not required for submission and contest entry is FREE. For more contest details, click here.

Entry submissions can also be emailed to

Good Luck!

Contest Prizes







For more details on the contest prizes, click here.

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